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Golden dollars!

Gold (displayed as $ in the interface) is the main resource in game, automatically given at the end of each round along with experience. Your courier's Mana is always equal to your Gold amount.

Spending[edit | edit source]

There are 3 ways to spend gold:

  • Buy Chess Pieces (Cost 1-5) from the menu after each round. The menu can be opened/closed at any time with Spacebar, or by clicking the "chess pieces" icon in the top-left . The menu will automatically re-roll after every round, unless you press the Lock icon in the bottom-left corner of the Buy Chess Pieces menu.
  • Manually Re-roll (Cost 2) the Buy Chess Pieces menu with your courier's 4th ability, or by clicking the re-roll icon in the Buy Chess Pieces menu.
  • Gain Experience (Cost 5) with your courier's 5th ability. Your courier's Level (shown in bottom left of the unit portrait) is always equal to the max # of pieces you can have on the field. Additionally, your level affects your odds of getting higher-cost Chess Pieces every time it re-rolls.

Earning[edit | edit source]

  • at the end of each round you get some base gold 1-4 for the first 4 round and 5 gold for every round after that.
  • winning a fight with a player gives you 1 extra gold
  • win/loss streaks can give you extra 1-3 gold
  • for every 10 gold at the end of the turn you get 1 extra gold, capped to 5 at 50 gold.
  • selling chess pieces refunds their current level as gold.

Winstreaks and Losestreaks[edit | edit source]

After winning 3 non-creep rounds in a row, your start earns +1 additional gold at the end of the turn. Keeping the win streak can get you up to +3 gold. Creep rounds do not affect your win/loss streaks.

Same applies for loss streaks.

Wins/Loss Gold
3-5 +1
6-8 +2
9+ +3

Refunds[edit | edit source]

Every unit can be sold for X gold where X is the Unit Level.

Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Interest accumulates at a 10% rate every round. If you have 50 gold banked, you will receive 5 gold per turn, which can build up to a tremendous economy in mid-game (early game you need to invest to field chess pieces).

Cap[edit | edit source]

Gold is capped to 100.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

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